Video – Kids Kayak With Whales

In mid-July 2019 River, Wilder, and Archer joined us on a Family Kayak With Whales base camp tour. Watch the video above to see some of what they experienced with us.


River, Wilder and Archer head to British Columbia to learn how to Kayak – will they see Orca’s and Humpback Whales? Also known as Killer Whales, Orcas are the apex predator and kings of BC’s coastal waters. Join us for fun and adventure as our family goes on the trip of a lifetime and learns to kayak with kids. Spend the week camping with the boys and their family on Vancouver Island with Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures. We’ll catch a water taxi from Telegraph Cove, then head down the Johnstone Strait to Hanson Island. We’ll watch out for gross banana slugs and keep an eye on the water for Porpoises, seals, eagles and whales..whales..whales!

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Humpback Whale Disentanglement – Fundraising Challenge!

Humpback Whale Disentanglement - Fundraising Challenge

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When Kingfisher started offering kayak tours eighteen years ago we considered ourselves fortunate to see one humpback whale a year. Since that time the humpback population has made a remarkable comeback and we now see humpback whales almost every day on our kayak tours off northern Vancouver Island. While their numbers have grown, they still face many threats and one of the most serious is getting entangled in fishing nets and gear. Entangled whales face the risk of drowning, losing the ability to feed, or getting infections as gear cuts into their flesh, all too often ending in death for the whale.

For the last three years our friends at the Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) have been present whenever possible when commercial fishing is taking place around Northeastern Vancouver Island

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