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Ultimate Gwaii Haanas Explorer

— Expedition Kayaking —

Ultimate Gwaii Haanas


In a place as culturally rich and ecologically diverse as Haida Gwaii, sometimes 8 days isn’t enough to see it all. This trip is our longest adventure.  Offering visitors the opportunity to explore Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, a National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Sites in the convenience of one fully immersive trip. Come soak in the hot springs at Gandll K’in Gwaayaay, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of SGang Gwaay Llnagaay and others. Spend the time in between, looking for humpback whales, Stellar sea lions, bald eagles and black bears. You’ll get the best of both the Northern and Southern tours in this package. 

With at least 39 distinct subspecies of plants and animals, Gwaii Haanas is a wildlife viewer’s dream. There are 750,000 seabirds nesting in Gwaii Haanas, more bald eagle nests per kilometre of shoreline than anywhere else in Canada, and the highest breeding density of Peregrine falcons in the world. One third of British Columbia’s Steller sea lion population calls Haida Gwaii home, and humpback whales can be seen throughout the area in the summer. Ḵ’iid Xyangs Ḵ’iidaay is a mesmerizing explosion of colourful intertidal life, and boasts some of the highest levels of living material of any intertidal zone in the world. If we’re lucky we might see the Haida Gwaii black bear turning over rocks on the shore–they are the largest black bears in North America, having evolved specifically to survive on the shellfish seafood offerings of the rugged coast.  

This trip combines our two eight day trips, so it is possible that not all guests are continuing for the entire trip – we take advantage of the changeover to re-supply with fresh food.

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