Grizzly Bear Viewing

Many of our guests add a grizzly bear viewing day trip with Sea Wolf Adventures before or after they join us kayaking. Grizzly bears are not normally found on Vancouver Island but are regularly seen on the nearby mainland coast.

Your First Nations guides will take you on an intimate and immersive wildlife experience in their traditional territories. This all in one experience brings you to the natural habitat of Western Canada’s grizzly bears, while looking out for whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, wolves and eagles while you cruise towards the coastal Mainland’s viewing sites. Listen to the guides interpretation of local landscapes, and the ancient villages that were once occupied by the Musg̱a̱makw Dzawada̱’enux̱w people.

It is important to note that every season is different and we will take you to wherever we believe you will have the best grizzly viewing experience.

Viewing is mostly boat based as the grizzlies will be foraging on sedge grass and turning over rocks on the beaches looking crabs and mussels. June and early July is the mating season with lots of interesting interaction. The big boars chase the not-too-interested females, displacing other bears along the beach. July is the season of cubs scrambling along behind their mom as they first explore their wilderness home. Later in the season the salmon return to the rivers which may bring viewing opportunities on land.

2021 Adult Price:
$510 ($495 plus $15 Cultural Fee per person) plus 5% GST

2021 Youth Price (10 to 16 years old):
$410 ($395 plus $15 Cultural Fee per person) plus 5% GST

2022 Adult Price:
$520 ($505 plus $15 Cultural Fee per person) plus 5% GST

2022 Youth Price (10 to 16 years old):
$410 ($395 plus $15 Cultural Fee per person) plus 5% GST

Departs: At 6:45am daily from 1514 Broughton Blvd. in Port McNeil (same building as MacKay Whale Watching), Vancouver Island.

Returns: Around 5:00pm in Port McNeill.

How to Book: When booking any of our Port McNeill departure kayak tours you can add the grizzly bear viewing option the day before or the day after your kayak tour. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot on the grizzly bear tour and the remaining balance is due at the same time as the balance for your kayak tour.

Please note: That due to possible windy and bumpy conditions on the boat ride to view grizzly bears, this tour is not suitable for people with back and neck issues, people with osteoporosis, or pregnant women. If this may be an issue please contact us to discuss this in greater detail.

Includes: The grizzly bear tour includes boat transportation from Port McNeill to the viewing areas and back. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks, binoculars, a rain poncho (sizes small to large) and a cultural sustainability fee are also included. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated given sufficient prior notification.

Remember to bring: Come prepared with proper footwear and clothing for moderate hiking in the forest and on rocky
terrain. Bring your a wind and rain proof jacket, a hat, camera, medication (if needed), and insect repellent. When it is raining you will also want to bring waterproof pants and waterproof hiking boots or knee-high rubber boots. When it is sunny don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. To ensure that our tour has a minimal impact on wildlife, we ask that you wear dark clothing. If you bring a camera, please turn your flash off, it scares the bears.